What is RoomerResume?

A networking site that allows you to request your past roommates and past landlords to provide reviews for you which are added to your interactive rooming resume. Any roomer or landlord that you deem worthy can take a look at your roomer resume and contact your past roomers and landlords that have provided reviews for you. It's a rooming site that allows you to reciprocate and provide reviews for them as well. It's also a social media site where you can post videos, pics and texts to your network. Even if you don't have any rooming experience just yet you can ask your friends to let the world know you're a trust worthy roomer by providing a review!

How do I get started?

Signing up is easy, painless and it's free! Just click the blue sign up tab in the upper right hand of this page. Then enter in basic info like your name and city and you're all set. Now you can begin the process of reaching out to your past to help secure your future!

Does it cost anything to use RoomerResume?

Absolutely not!! Not one penny needs to come out of your pocket to join this fast growing and positive community of trust worthy roomers and landlords.

I don't want just anyone knowing where I live.

We completely understand. You are only required to enter in a city and state and nothing more. Also, your past rooming history is extremely personal and should only be looked at by people you deem worthy. Under the security section in your account you can set your profile to private. This will set up a block to anyone, even in your own network, who tries to look at your interactive resume. You'll then be notified that person "x" is asking for permission to see your roomer resume. You then can grant them 24 hours permission to see it, 1 week permission or lifetime access. Please also remember that only people that you connect with and are in your roomer network can provide a review for you and only if you request them to.