Our Story


“The idea was born after hearing the struggles between the common tenant-landlord relationships: the move out.  Friends have complained that they lost their renting deposits when it should’ve been fully returned.  Then I lost all of my rent deposit when I was entitled to the total amount as well.  I immediately decided that something needed to be done to curb landlords from taking hard earned money unfairly and unlawfully from tenants.  This led to me wanting to also curb renters from destroying the properties they rent.  Then I thought about roommates and how many times people are completely disappointed with the roommates they’re matched with.  Which then led to the thought of providing a platform for people to show the world they’re a great roommate, renter, or landlord by posting their renting reviews.   I wanted to revolutionize the renting world.

RoomerResume.com was born.

We’re the premier social network for great roommates, renters, landlords with renting reviews and recommendations.

Thank you for stopping by. – Rick Saunders, CEO